Hungary-Slovakia Cross-border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013

Financed projects

Eurovelo 6 Bezenye, Rajka, Čunovo, Rusovce
Short description of the project Development of the Eurovelo 6 biking trails and renovation of the pathways
Acronym: Eurovelo 6 Bezenye, Rajka, Čunovo, Rusovce
Call: HUSK/0901
Registration No. HUSK/0901/2.3.1/0242
Total Project budget: 2 161 545.00 €
Total ERDF awarded: 1 837 313.00 €
Project start date: 01-01-2011
Project end date: 31-12-2012
Project status: Finalized
The main objective of the project was to propose options and opportunities for a better quality of life, communication and greenways for tourists and local people, mostly the younger generation, through increasing the attractiveness of the region and its economic activities. Cycling roads with a length of 17 km were connected to the Danube cycling road of European importance and the European biking corridor, Eurovelo on one hand, and linked to the cycling infrastructure in Western Hungary (Győr-Budapest and Lake Balaton) on the other hand. In a long-term perspective, project partners expect a boom in biking and environment friendly agro tourism. Maps and information materials were also distributed at tourist offices.
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Lead Partner

Bezenye Községi Önkormányzat
Hungary, Győr-Moson-Sopron, , 50. Szabadság u., 9223 Bezenye, Hungary

Project Partner 1

Obec Rusovce
Slovakia, Bratislavský kraj, Vyvojová 8, 851 10 Bratislava - Rusovce, Slovakia

Project Partner 2

Rajka Község Önkormányzata
Hungary, Győr-Moson-Sopron, 1 Szabadság tér, 9224 Rajka, Hungary

Project Partner 3

Obec Čunovo
Slovakia, Košický kraj, Hrnčiarska 144, 851 10 Bratislava - Čunovo, Slovakia